Travel Tips

Check out our travel tips that will ensure you have covered all the bases in preparation for your travels!

Tips for Travelling Seniors

You're young at heart, body and soul - and not to mention, you love to see the world! However, older generations should always take extra precautions prior to heading off on a travel adventure. These tips will help ensure you have covered all the bases in preparation for your travels!

Travel Insurance Tips for Snowbirds

Travel insurance can seem very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Travel insurance providers, such as Travel Guard, work to ensure their customers know what their insurance products will and will not cover, and how to get the protection they need.

Tips for Travelling Smart with Your Family

Extra battery packs for the video games. Enough diapers in case the flight is delayed. A week's worth of teen-approved activities. Family travel requires parents to become expert event planners, tour guides and safety marshals - even more so than at home!

Tips for Comfortable Air Travel

The plane ride is often the first step to an enjoyable -- or not so enjoyable -- trip. Whether you are hopping on a quick flight to the Caribbean or travelling half way around the world to fulfill a lifelong dream, the following tips and suggestions can help make sure your flight is enjoyable from take-off to touch-down.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Travelling

Whether you're travelling to a tropical sun-soaked destination or walking through the highlands of Scotland, you should be kind to the environment you are visiting. There are many ways to help protect and preserve nature along with its dwellers. Here are some tips on how to contribute eco-responsible acts of kindness and care while vacationing throughout the world.

Before You Go Travel Tips

You’re excited to head out on your travel adventure, but have you made sure everything at home is looked after and in good hands? From setting the proper temperature in your home to asking neighbours to check on things - there are always a few bases you should cover before departing on your trip.

Tips for Coping with Flight Delays or Cancellations

Unfavourable weather conditions are a reality of travel, as are the potential for airline bankruptcies. In the face of these obstacles, everyone should be prepared for disruptions to trip itineraries. These helpful tips will ensure your flight plans go as smoothly as possible.