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All Inclusive Package

Our All Inclusive Package is simply the best choice you can make.  As a smart traveller, you know that you want to be covered for all forms of travel disruptions and emergencies that come up.  Our All Inclusive Package is like getting two plans in one easy step.  You get Emergency Medical coverage with Trip Cancellation, Interruption or Delay. This plan also includes extra coverage for Luggage Loss, Luggage Damage or Delay and so much more.

Coverage & Services*

Emergency Medical Expenses

Provides coverage for unforeseen emergency medical expenses such as if you are injured, suddenly ill, hospitalized or need emergency dental treatment.

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation

Provides coverage if you are injured or experience a medical emergency while travelling and require immediate evacuation, including coverage for your travel companion to accompany you if medically necessary.

Trip Cancellation

Provides coverage starting the day your policy becomes effective up to the day you leave on your trip. Should you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected or unforeseen covered risks such as the death of an immediate family member or unexpected job loss, the trip cancellation portion of this insurance can help cover non-refundable pre-paid travel expenses.

Trip Interruption

Provides coverage while you are on your trip if you experience unexpected travel interruptions due to a covered risk such as the delay due to mechanical failure of your private automobile while on your way to the airport or your scheduled carrier is delayed by weather conditions.


24/7 emergency travel assistance hotline to help you re-book flights, make last minute hotel reservations or receive assistance with virtually any travel-related problem. Even more, this service is included with all of the travel insurance products available from Travel Guard, so whenever you travel with Travel Guard, you can travel with peace of mind.

Bag Trak

This service provides timely, accurate, and efficient follow-up for tracking down lost luggage – an unfortunate but very common reality of travel. Bag Trak helps counter the lost luggage logistical nightmare through a dedicated team that diligently tracks and traces lost luggage items for Travel Guard insured’s worldwide.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Luggage

This provides coverage for your luggage if it is lost, damaged, or stolen while on your trip. This also provides coverage for important travel documents if you happen to lose them, such as a passport, birth certificate, travel visa, or driver’s licence.   

*For a complete listing of coverages and benefits please view the policy wording.

Annual All Inclusive Package

If you plan to travel at least 3 times in the coming 12 months and want the convenience of leaving at a moment’s notice, an annual plan may be right for you.  You purchase it once and enjoy the ease of knowing that you are covered each time you travel throughout the year.

Our Annual All Inclusive Package combines the benefits of two great plans in one – you get the peace of mind in knowing that you have:

  • Emergency medical coverage - up to $2,000,000
  • Trip cancellation, interruption & delay, and baggage loss/delay.

You also have the option to upgrade coverage limits to the full value of your trip cost, on a trip by trip basis, as trip costs over the year can vary.

You can also extend your trip length with a top-up for any additional days you may need on some trips during the year.  For example – if you buy the 9-day package but one of your trips runs 14 days – you can top-up coverage on that trip for the extra 5 days.

You choose your trip duration from the options below:

        9-day package       16-day package       30-day package       60-day package

Optional Upgrades

Golf Protector

Protection and coverage for your golf equipment and prepaid green fees.


Cruise and Tour Protector

Protection and coverage for your missed pre-booked cruise or tour departure.


Rental Car Collision Damage

Damage and physical loss protection for your rental car.


Ski Protector

Protection and coverage for ski and snowboard equipment and pre-paid lift tickets.

Business Protector

Protection and coverage for your business equipment.  An example would be your laptop computer.


Expanded Benefits Upgrade

Additional benefit limits and coverage for travel, including destination weddings.


Real Travel Stories

Snowbird Injured in Florida. All Medical Expenses Billed Directly to Travel Guard.

“We are 'snowbirds' and spend our winters in Florida.  In December I fell on wet bathroom tiles in a public restroom and bruised my patella and soft tissue in the knee area.  Travel Guard was most responsive in directing me to quality care and diagnostics, and they arranged for all service fees to be billed direct to Travel Guard.  Their follow-up calls during my recovery, was caring and appropriate.  Excellent experience.” - Shirley – Ontario

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