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Our travel insurance is only part of the value our customers receive when they choose to purchase insurance for their trip. Travel Guard owns and operates a global network of travel and emergency Assistance Services – available to help you 24/7. Travel Guard provides quality travel insurance products – see what product is right for you!

Trip Cancellation

Protect your trip investment and your luggage – you never know when your plans may have to be changed or when luggage can go missing. Be protected with trip cancellation travel insurance available through Travel Guard.

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All Inclusive (Includes Emergency Medical)

The All Inclusive Package, our most popular option, features coverage from our emergency medical travel insurance, trip cancellation / trip interruption, lost luggage and much more.

Out-of-country medical attention can be extremely costly and having emergency medical travel insurance coverage may protect you from the high costs of these medical bills in the event that the unexpected happens.

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Do I need to carry my policy with me when travelling?

Answer:  Yes, you should take your insurance documents with you when travelling in case you need to refer to them while you are away.

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Stellar Service - Travel Guard Instantly Dealt With Each Situation

“I am delighted to report that I have had outstanding experiences dealing with Travel Guard at every stage from the online purchase‚ engaging while sick during my travels, to receiving my final claim payment.”
- Anil. Ottawa, Ontario

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