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Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

Travel Insurance Tips for Snowbirds

Travel insurance can seem very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Travel insurance providers, such as Travel Guard, work to ensure their customers know what their insurance products will and will not cover, and how to get the protection they need.

  • Get travel insurance with live assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Canadian government recommends that Canadians purchase travel insurance products with this feature. A toll-free 1-800 number is another great feature to have so that you can call for assistance without paying long distance fees from wherever you are.
  • Make sure you have emergency medical evacuation in your travel insurance product. This will help ensure you get appropriate medical care no matter where you are.
  • Check that your insurer or provider pays your bills up front so you’re never out of pocket. Reimbursement of medical or travel related costs can take time and if you don’t have the money available immediately when you need it, you could have problems getting the care you need in an emergency. 
  • Get insurance that allows you to personalize it. Some insurers and providers offer add-ons that can give peace of mind and even save you money. Do you want to cover your golf clubs while you’re away? Travel Guard’s Golf Protector Coverage add-on, for example, covers your clubs, bag and shoes from theft or damage and covers your pre-paid green fees if you or your golf partner can’t play due to a medical emergency.
  • Get added value. Your travel insurance product should add extra value to your trip. Travel Guard, for example, offers a unique Concierge Service – it’s like travelling with your very own personal assistant. One phone call can help you book a tee-off time, make dinner reservations or help to find you much desired concert or theatre tickets.