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Before You Go Travel Tips

Before You Go Travel Tips

You’re excited to head out on your travel adventure, but have you made sure everything at home is looked after and in good hands? From setting the proper temperature in your home to asking neighbours to check on things - there are always a few bases you should cover before departing on your trip.

  • Utilize your neighbour. Make arrangements with a neighbour or friend to check your home periodically while away. This will give you peace of mind while away on vacation!
  • Arrange for collection of your mail. If a neighbour or friend cannot collect your mail, make arrangements for it to be held at the Post Office. You will appreciate coming home from your trip and having all your mail in one safe place – and it will prevent a build up of mail on your doorstep which is a sure sign no one is home!
  • Set your home to a proper temperature. Set the temperature in your home to a setting that will protect pets, water pipes and electronics. This will not only give you peace of mind - it can potentially save you money.
  • Appear to others that you're home. Set a few lights and a radio onto timers to give the appearance that your home is occupied. This will help fend off any theft or break-ins.
  • Hide your valuables. Put valuables like jewellery into a safety deposit box, or hide them well in your home. By making your valuables out of sight and secure, you decrease the chances of them being taken!
  • Check documents. Check your house insurance documents to ensure that none will expire while you are away.
  • Contact information and Government Documents. Leave your contact information and any other important travel information (i.e. – itinerary) with family and a neighbour. If anything does happen while you're away, they can contact you for whatever reason it may be! It is also important to leave photocopies of your passport and government documents with a family member or friend in the event you lose them while travelling.
  • Last, but not least. Re-confirm your departure and connecting flights (if any) and all of your accommodations.