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Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to common questions about travel insurance

Out of Province/Country Travel Insurance

Yes, you should take your insurance documents with you when travelling in case you need to refer to them while you are away.

If my policy provides comprehensive coverage what is the refund process?

Refunds are available up to your departure date as long as there is no risk to the policy. Refunds will also be issued if a supplier cancels or alters service and all of your non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements insured by us are refunded without penalty.

If my policy provides coverage only for emergency medical benefits what is the refund process?

If outside above guidelines, a partial refund of premium is available if you have a minimum of four (4) unused days of coverage.

If there is a claim on my policy what is the refund process?

No refund of premium will be made in the event that a claim has been paid, incurred or reported under this policy.

How do I request a refund?

  1.  If your insurance was purchased through an agency or broker, your refund must be requested through your issuing agent.
  2.  If your insurance was purchased directly through Travel Guard Canada, you must request your refund in writing.
  3. We cannot accept refund requests over the phone.

10 Day Right To Examine

Please take the time to read your policy and completed medical questionnaire (if applicable) prior to your departure date. If you have any questions or you are unsure about your coverage, you must contact us at 1-866-878-0191 prior to your departure date.

You have the right to cancel this policy within 10 days from the date you purchased your insurance. For refunds after 10 days, please refer to the Can My Premium Be Refunded? section at the beginning of this document.

Please refer to the policy wording that applies to the insurance coverage you are looking to purchase.

An annual plan allows you to take any number of trips outside your Canadian home province or territory of residence that do not exceed your selected trip duration. Benefit limits are per insured per each trip, unless otherwise indicated. If your trip outside Canada is longer than your selected trip duration then you must top-up your coverage with us. If you do not top-up then you will not have coverage for any claim during your trip regardless of when the cause for claim arises.  You have the option to have the policy start date be the date of purchase or any date into the future up to a maximum of 120 days.

No. You must top-up your annual plan with us.

 Yes. If you are topping-up a different insurer’s annual plan with us you must first ensure that their annual plan allows for top-ups by other companies.  If this is an option the top-up must be purchased prior to your departure date.

You can call the World Service Centre 1.866.648.8422 and they will be more than pleased to answer your questions.

Visitors to Canada

If you purchase this policy after arriving in Canada then there will be no coverage for sickness or illness for a period of 48 hours from your start date. Coverage for expenses incurred as a result of an accident is not subject to this limitation.