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Why our Customers Love Travel Guard

Stellar Service - Travel Guard Instantly Dealt With Each Situation

"I am delighted to report that I have had outstanding experiences dealing with Travel Guard at every stage from the online purchase‚ engaging while sick during my travels, receiving my final claim payment. When I fell sick during my travels‚ my family was able to contact and deal with Travel Guard on my behalf. When we called a TG rep was instantly available 24x7; we were never put on hold. They were extremely responsive and helpful, whenever we called or sent an email. No matter who answered‚ our latest conversation was always available so they instantly dealt with the situation or got back to us within moments. Their attitude was to put us at ease and help move matters forward. Finally‚ when I was declared fit to travel‚ Travel Guard got me back home, comfortably. When I got home‚ I received a call to ensure I was feeling fine. Finally‚ I submitted my claim‚ and TG settled the claim without a fuss. Thank you‚ Travel Guard. I am delighted with your stellar service and customer-focused attitude. We will always choose Travel Guard for our travel insurance needs and gladly refer you to all our friends and acquaintances."

- Anil. Ottawa, Ontario

Snowbirds' Story of EXCELLENT Service!

"We are Snowbirds who have used Travel Guard for 6 years to insure our winter trips to Florida. I have a story that reflects your EXCELLENT service. After falling in the motel on the last night I fractured my femur and was hospitalized requiring surgery. I was totally covered for the entire time spent in hospital, the surgery, my prescriptions, my husband's stay in the motel, all his meals for the entire duration of my hospital stay, all my prescriptions after discharge plus the extra time we had to spend in the motel, meals and more. The staff was excellent with my husband who was out of his comfort zone with no support system. We have used your service ever since. No questions. Thank you so very much!”

- Judi, Smith Falls, Ontario


Luggage Missing & Pick-pocketed - Had Done The Right Thing Buying Insurance

"On a trip to Madagascar our luggage went missing. The airline had promised to send it along. In the morning I went out to buy some necessities and got pick-pocketed. Calling home from Madagascar was a challenge, no touch-tone service or operators on duty but I managed to get through to Travel Guard who quickly set up a claim for me and very helpfully forwarded my call to one of my credit card companies. On the next call I made I got disconnected and had to call Travel Guard back, and they forwarded me again. In the end Travel Guard connected me with everyone I needed to call to arrange credit card and bank card cancellations. I had done the right thing in buying insurance. When I got home Travel Guard was easy to deal with and the claim payment for lost luggage was speedy. As a result of my first experience I use Travel Guard whenever I travel and have recommended them to my travel companions.”

- George. Barrie, Ontario

Respiratory Distress And Coma - Sent A Card Of Thanks to Travel Team

"As a solo traveller with a tour company to Turkey. Somehow I got very sick and ended up in the hospital with acute respiratory distress and went into a coma for a few weeks. My family was told I would not survive. They contacted Travel Guard and found they offered very helpful advice and support. They supported my sister travelling to Turkey to deal with the hospital and to be with me. Thankfully I came out of my coma and Travel Guard arranged for a nurse to fly from Toronto to Turkey to accompany me and my sister home. He was fantastic and lived very close to me in Mississauga. The payment of the bills went smoothly and was done within two weeks. I sent a card of thanks to the Travel Guard staff who I personally dealt with but I know it was a team effort. I travel frequently and after I buy my ticket I buy Travel Guard. Thank you.”

- Susan, Mississauga, Ontario

Cancelled Flight - Out Of Pocket Expenses Paid In Days

"I took a flight from Vancouver‚ BC to Rome‚ Italy with a change of plane in Montreal‚ Quebec. The flight from Montreal was cancelled, so I had to stay overnight in a hotel and be back at the airport the next day. This meant out-of-pocket expenses for meals‚ taxis‚ etc. This also meant being late for the driver who was picking me up in Rome to take me to Todi‚ Italy where I would be staying for a month. I had to stay overnight In Rome with more out-of-pocket expenses for accommodation‚ meals and taxis. The good part was that Travel Guard reimbursed me for all of these out-of-pocket expenses in a matter of a few days!”

- Melinda, Vancouver, B.C.

Travel Guard Came Through Promptly - No Objections

"I needed to make a claim after being diagnosed with bronchitis on a cruise liner. The bill was quite ridiculous for some anti-biotic My credit card was maximized but travel guard came through promptly with no objections or difficulty. Thanks Travel Guard for handling so promptly."

- Karin, Vancouver, B.C.

Questions About My Progress - Timely and Genuine

"Couldn't be more satisfied with Travel Guard's timely response to my request for claim information while in Florida. We have been Travel Guard customers for about seven years and have never had any cause for concern about coverage. The follow up with questions about my progress was timely and genuine. We will no doubt continue to use this service as long as we are travelling."

- Matthew, London, Ontario

Return Flights Changed – Causing Enormous Grief

"We had organized a trip to Egypt and Jordan and our return flights home were changed by one day‚ unbeknownst to us. The grief and expense of this change was enormous to us when we arrived at the airport. Having absolutely no recourse or luck with the airline; we turned to Travel Guard to see if we could recover any costs. Their customer service was so positive and they redeemed us the most monies possible for the extra flights we had to buy. Thank you Travel Guard for honouring your word.”

- Gail, Calgary, Alberta

Vacation didn't Start Well

"Our vacation did not start off well. The Toronto airport was an absolute mess. Although we arrived over two hours early‚ we narrowly escaped missing our flight. Luckily the plane waited for us and others. In our connection city‚ we ran up to a closed door at our gate. We successfully begged them to let us board. Our luggage did not make it. While this story turned out well and our luggage eventually arrived‚ we were relatively calm due to the fact that we knew Travel Guard would have our back. This situation could have been a nightmare. This is just one reason we never leave home without it."

- Robert B. – Kingston, Ontario

Trip Cancelled - Travel Guard Responded Promptly

"We have used Travel Guard on numerous occasions and‚ unfortunately‚ we did have to cancel one of our trips. Travel Guard responded promptly and we received our full refund of the cancelled trip which is one reason we continue to use Travel Guard whenever we make travel plans and highly recommend others do the same.”

- Carolyn from Ontario

Travel Guard - Safety Blanket & Help When Needed

"My wife and I have been using Travel Guard insurance to add a safety blanket around our travels for a number of years. I have had 2 occasions where I needed their help and it was a pleasant and successful exchange. They helped me find the handiest clinic and followed up after until we had resolved everything. The claim forms were prompt and they paid my expenses. It is reassuring to have this help whenever we need it. Thank you."

- David and Virginia, Victoria, B.C.

Mother Fell Ill - Claims Process Swift

"Having Travel Guard coverage was well worth it when my mother fell ill in London and we were delayed returning home for 3 days. My coverage helped with the unexpected expenses of hotels‚ meals and items I had run short of. The claims process was swift with no hiccups.”

- Diana, Ontario