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Familiarize yourself with Travel Guard’s most important travel tips and safety information to make sure you’re prepared for your vacation to Mexico.

Often considered one of the more affordable international destinations to visit, Mexico offers a wide range of experiences to suit every traveller. If you’re looking to relax and recharge, Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun is the perfect island getaway with white sand beaches and breath-taking coral reefs. If adventure travel is more your speed, try a kayaking trip in Baja where you might just spot some grey whales. While you handle the fun, we can help with planning.

Travel Insurance for Mexico

Do I need travel insurance to visit Mexico?

Currently, it is not a requirement from Mexico to have travel insurance to enter the country. We recommend that you visit the Mexico travel advice page on the Government of Canada website prior to booking any trip. This site will provide you with travel information about Mexico as well as entry and exit requirements. We also recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Your provincial health care plan may not include coverage when travelling internationally, so having a travel insurance plan with medical coverage (in addition to other helpful coverages) is always a good idea.

What is the best travel insurance plan for Mexico?

Travel Guard offers several travel insurance plan options that are a great fit for travel to Mexico. Our most popular plan is the All Inclusive Package, which provides you with a variety of coverages to protect your travel investment such as trip cancellation and trip interruption cover. Our All Inclusive Package also includes emergency medical insurance, baggage insurance and 24/7 emergency travel assistance. Please review the policy wording for a full list of the terms and conditions of coverage including the covered risks and benefits of the All Inclusive Packages. Most of our insurance plan options are available online; however, additional options may be available through our World Service Centre by calling (866) 648-8422 or by contacting one of our industry partners.

How much is a travel insurance plan for a trip to Mexico?

Travellers can often get great deals to Mexico, so many people question if travel insurance is worth it (it is!). Travel insurance typically costs between 5-7% of your total trip cost. There are several factors at play when pricing your insurance such as the product you select, the number of travellers and the total trip cost. Check out our article on how much travel insurance costs for even more detail.

Ready to book your travel insurance plan for your Mexico trip? Travel Guard’s travel insurance provides excellent coverage options and access to 24-hour emergency travel assistance.

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Mexico Travel Tips and Safety Information

Travel Guard provides excellent travel insurance options for travellers to Mexico. We also want to ensure visitors to the country are safe and as informed as possible. We’ve compiled some popular questions that tourists travelling to Mexico may have.

Is Mexico safe to visit?

Mexico remains a top destination for tourists from all over the world due to its beautiful beaches, delicious food and rich culture. You should research local conditions as well as health and safety recommendations or requirements prior to booking your trip. We also recommend that you book accommodation, transportation, activities and excursions in advance through reputable providers. The most common crime tourists encounter is petty theft. To help ensure that you are not targeted, avoid placing wallets in back pockets, keep designer clothing and jewelry to a minimum, and try to refrain from using expensive electronics on the street. Minimize your risk by trying to blend in as much as possible and by not being too trusting of strangers. Visit the official Canadian government website for up-to-date information on travel advisory levels and safety information for travellers to Mexico.

What currency is used in Mexico?

The Mexican Peso is the currency used. All major cities will have places where visitors can exchange money from Canadian dollars to pesos. Debit and credit cards are commonly used at most well-known restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. But if you’re planning on shopping from kiosks or local markets, it’s best to have pesos on you.

What language is spoken in Mexico?

Spanish is the official and most widely used language in Mexico. However, English is very commonly used throughout tourist destinations and major cities. It never hurts to learn a few common Spanish phrases in case you ever find yourself in a pinch. To ensure that you are never in a situation where you cannot communicate, try downloading a translation app that works without an internet connection.

Do I need a visa or passport to travel to Mexico?

A tourist visa is not required for travellers with Canadian citizenship, as long as the traveller’s stay does not exceed 180 days. However, a valid Canadian passport is required and must be valid for the expected duration of your stay in Mexico. If you are travelling with a non-Canadian passport, we recommend that you check with your local Mexico Consular Office. Please visit Mexico country information page for the most up-to-date information regarding visa requirements and other legal travel considerations.

How do I contact the Canadian Embassy in Mexico?

The Canadian Embassy in Mexico is in Mexico City. Visit the official Canadian Embassy government website for a list of up-to-date phone numbers and addresses.

What is the weather like in Mexico?

Because Mexico is such a large country, the weather can vary significantly between regions and seasons. Northern Mexico largely consists of deserts and steppes, where the temperate can get hot during the day but cool at night. Central Mexico is mountainous, with hot summers, mild winters and pleasant transition seasons. Southern Mexico is quite tropical, with hot, humid summers and warm winters and transition seasons. Regardless of seasonal differences between regions, a majority of Mexico is subject to a rainy season from June to October, and a dry season from November to May. Finally, do bear in mind that Mexico is subject to hurricane season from early summer through late fall. Given the climate diversity that Mexico experiences, be sure to check local conditions before embarking on your journey.

When is the best time of year to visit Mexico?

Dry weather, sunshine and warm temperatures across Mexico generally make late spring (April – May) a very popular time to take a trip to Mexico. Not only does the pleasant weather make the ideal scenario for outdoor activities, but it also makes for the perfect time to experience food, music and cultural events. If you’re planning a beach vacation but hoping to avoid large crowds of other tourists, do keep in mind that beaches are often crowded from February to early April due to the spring break season.

What is the dial code for phoning to and from Mexico?

Mexico’s dial code is 52. You can use this to call both Mexican landlines and mobile phone numbers. Be sure to consider the area code of the city you’re calling as well as how much the call is going to cost. Calling a Mexican landline is often less expensive than connecting with a cell phone. Be sure to let your cellular provider know of your travels to best avoid interruption. To place an international call from Mexico, you must first dial 00, then the country code, the area code and finally the number you want to call.

What kind of power adapter do I need for my electronics?

Mexico uses the same power plugs as the rest of North America, so you should not need a power adapter to use your electronics.

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Other Mexico FAQs

Can I travel across the border from Mexico to the United States on my trip?

Canadian citizens may stay up to six months in the United States without a visa. However, travellers will need to show their passport as proof of their Canadian citizenship when crossing the border. Remember to stay aware of your surroundings when crossing the Mexico/U.S. border due to its reported high crime rate.

Can I travel to Mexico while pregnant?

If travelling while pregnant, you will want to ensure you have medical coverage when travelling internationally. Our All Inclusive Package may provide cover as a result of an emergency medical condition suffered in Mexico. This includes complications of pregnancy within the first 26 weeks of pregnancy. However, there is no coverage for routine pre-natal care; a child born during your trip; childbirth or complications of childbirth; pregnancy or complications thereof after the 26th week of pregnancy or any time after the expected date of delivery.  For best practice, consult with your healthcare provider before booking your vacation. Get more information on travelling pregnant on the Canadian government travel website

Can I use a shuttle service in Mexico?

Shuttle services are popular amongst tourists visiting Mexico as they offer affordable transportation to resorts, airports, boating ports and more. Before booking, be sure to check ratings and reviews to ensure a safe, comfortable trip. Travellers can book both private and shared shuttles during their stay in Mexico. When possible, we recommend that you book transportation in advance.

Travel Guard travel insurance offers coverage for travellers heading to Mexico with specialized emergency travel assistance representatives ready to help you at any time, Travel Guard is there for you.

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