The best places to see by boat

cruise ship

Some things are better experienced on foot but if you are a fan of the water, then you’ll agree that some places must be experienced by boat. Take sightseeing for example, some views you will enjoy more if you are on a boat. Sure, it’s a great experience to be able to pull up on the shore or riverbank, and see the cities and cultures but it’s the surrounding landscape and the view from afar that will often take your breath away. Here are some of the places where you’ll love to visit by boat.

1. Kayak in India

Though this may sound a little odd, one of the best - and cheapest - ways to discover new parts of India is via kayak. Many tourists are accustomed to taking the roomier houseboats in southern India, but that choice can leave your wallet a little light and the atmosphere a little more polluted. Instead, take a kayak through some of the narrower waterways and see what you can find. Plenty of companies offer kayaking to visitors, including Kerala Kayaking, a company that gives people the chance to go down lesser seen waterways that have floating cafes where you can try authentic Indian teas such as chai. If you're worried about your arms getting tired, don't worry - you can have your kayak towed by your tour guide.

2. Take a ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

Instead of taking a train between these two well-known cities, why not take a short ferry ride? Taking a fun cruise from one capital to the other allows you to appreciate the coastline and even spot a few notable landmarks, such as the Elsinore Castle, featured in Hamlet, and the Viking Ship Museum, where you can get a brief history as you breeze by. You'll even get to see the Oslo fjord, one of the largest tower's in the major city. You'll get so close to it that you can truly get an idea of how big this tower is in comparison to its surroundings.

3. Boat around Lake Maggiore

When people think of Italy, they might envision the Colosseum in Rome, the Vatican in Vatican City or even the gondaleers in Venice. However, most people don't immediately think of Lake Maggiore, or Lago Maggiore, but they should. This beautiful body of water is home to some of Italy's most secluded places, such as the Borromean Islands. This piece of land is comprised of three small islands, all with something to offer. Just take Isola Bella, known for its beautiful tiered gardens, or Isola dei Pescatori, named after its fishermen. The best way to view these islands is by boat. Simply hop aboard one in the town of Stresa and make your way to one or even all three, if you have time. These islands are worth the trip - but they are only open to visit between March and October given their location near the Alps, so it's important to book wisely.