How to deal with long flights

woman with red hair in red blouse and blue sweater sitting in airplane

For some, long flights are the worst. However, others are willing to take on 15-hour trips to Sydney or jet-set across the world to China. If you're someone who gets a little antsy on flights that last more than four hours, it can be a bad way to start your trip. Luckily, there's a way to alleviate this anxiety and make it seem like you're going to land in no time. Consider these tips on how to deal with long flights.

1. Pack accordingly

Most travellers know that they can bring two bags with them on the plane, but usually one needs to stay overhead in the airplane's compartments for most of the trip. Yet the other bag can sit at your feet. Be sure to pack anything and everything you might desire or want during your flight - be it medication, snacks, reading materials, moisturizer, eye drops, or really anything else that suits your fancy. That way, you won't have to worry about wishing you had something at your disposal during your long flight - you'll just have it! If it is an overnight flight, you might want to consider packing ear plugs or headphones, an eye shade and a pillow to help you sleep soundly.

2. Distract yourself

Many people try to catch up on work during their time on a long flight. However, while getting a lot of work done on a lengthy trip is certainly a good use of time, it can often make the plane ride seem longer than it is. Instead of stressing yourself out and staring at bright screens, try using the time to relax. Plug in headphones and listen to a relaxing playlist and catch some sleep. If possible, download a good movie to your favourite device and also consider tuning in to the movie the airline will be playing. Read a good book that pulls you in and makes you forget where you are. Any and all of these activities can help big chunks of time time fly by.

3. Hydrate and avoid drinking alcohol

Many people think it's a good idea to drink alcohol on a long plane ride because they believe it might help them relax and fall asleep. Yes, alcohol can make people drowsy and more likely to drift off, but it can also severely dehydrate them. Long plane rides are known for being very dehydrating. When you add alcohol to the mix, things can only get worse. While some airlines will supply their flyers with water, they will often give out small bottles or very small cups. Instead, once you've cleared security, pick up at least two bottles of water for safe measure or some other hydrating beverage. For an extra boost of antioxidants - make your tea choice green! Remember to buy these items after you go through security, or else you might get held up or have to throw them away.