6 things you shouldn't pack

two green suitcases on floor next to window with white curtain and light shinning through

Packing for a vacation can be stressful at times. Think of it this way - what if you forget something exceedingly important? You'll either just have to go without or shell out money. You've got to make lists, save enough room for souvenirs you want to buy at your ultimate destination and make sure you don't exceed the airline's weight limit, or you'll have to pay extra fees.

This one task can stymie even travel veterans. It might be a better approach to figure out what you don't need to pack - this way, you can free up some of that much-needed space in your bags and make sure you're making the most of everything you bring on your trip.

Here's a list of six things that shouldn't make their way into your bag while travelling.

1. Toiletries

If you're taking a cruise or are staying at a hotel, don't bother bringing things like soap, shampoo or other grooming products unless you absolutely need them. Otherwise, these things are likely going to be provided by the staff at your lodgings. Even if you do require a special product, chances are good that you're going to be able to pick something similar up at a nearby store. This way, not only can you save some room, but you'll have the peace of mind that, when you're flying, your expensive, favourite products aren't leaking onto your clothes and other belongings in the cargo hold.

2. Hair dryers

One item that you might be tempted to bring with you is a hair dryer - after all, how else are you going to ensure your coif looks great before a night out on the town at your ultimate destination? However, hair dryers can be very bulky and take up a lot of unnecessary room in your suitcase, especially given that hotels almost always carry them. Plus, this way, you know you won't need to buy the right electrical converters if you're travelling out of the country.

3. Books

If you're a bookworm and want to spend a lot of time with your nose between the pages while travelling, it's fine to bring a couple of soft cover books - they won't take up too much space and are flexible. That said, if you're going to want more, consider investing in an e-reader. This way, you can fit hundreds, at least, in one small gadget. If you don't want to purchase one, plenty of providers allow users to download free e-reader applications to their mobile devices or tablets.

4. Food/drinks

It's common to have cravings for all the comforts of home when you're on vacation. Even if you're having a great time somewhere, you could crave your favourite tea or really miss the type of sandwich you have for lunch everyday at home. Rather than throwing snacks, beverages and other foods in your bag, embrace the local fare. Much like in the case of toiletries, you won't have to worry about leaks or spills, and you can step out of your comfort zone for a unique trip.

5. Jewelry

Again, it's alright to bring some of these items, especially if you know for sure you'll need them. If you have reservations for a fancy restaurant and want to bring your most sparkly earrings, go for it. Just make sure to store them in your hotel's safe when you're not in the room - that is, if there is a safe where you're staying. However, to avoid any lost or stolen pieces that might be irreplaceable, just leave them at home in the first place.

6. Extra clothes

It's tempting to want to bring extra clothing when you're thinking along the lines of "What if I spill something on this?" or "I don't want to wear the same bathing suit every time I head down to the pool." That said, this means that you're probably going to end up packing a bunch of things you won't wear at all. Instead, rely on layers. Bring a few under and over shirt combinations and you'll have numerous potential outfits - and more room.