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Tips for a smooth flight

Tips for a smooth flight

Whether the sky is your second home or you cringe whenever you board a plane, taking a flight can be a stressful experience. Even frequent flyers can feel burdened by the long lines, tight seats and ever-changing regulations.

When you're taking a long flight, you don't want it to spoil your exotic getaway or business trip. Here are some flight survival tips every traveller should know before leaving the tarmac:

Pack the essential health care items

You don't want to be left at 9,000 metres with a stinging headache and no way to treat it. When you're preparing for your flight, make sure you take the essentials, such as aspirin, indigestion reliever and motion sickness medicine, with you in your carry-on. Not only will they help ease your comfort for your flight, but having these items packed in your case also means you don't have to buy them at the airport kiosk, saving you some extra cash in the long run.

Fill up your stomach

If you have food allergies, a sensitive stomach or are a picky eater, then it may be best to eat a meal before your flight. This will not only give you some extra energy for the trip, but it will also save you some money, most airlines now charge for in-flight meals. When choosing your dish, make sure that it's a light, healthy fare, so you don't feel weighed down in your seat.

Keep hydrated

Travelling can make you dehydrated, so it's best to keep some water handy whenever you feel yourself getting parched. While you can't bring liquids through the security checkpoint, you can buy them once you're inside the terminal. Purchase a large bottle of water at one of the kiosks to stay hydrated during the flight.

Move on

You want to stay moving during a flight to avoid stiff muscles, fatigue and jet lag. Stand up every few hours to stretch your legs, back and arms. You can even do some simple in-flight exercises, such as single arm rotations, bent knee raises and shoulder stretches.

Stay fresh

When you reach your destination, you don't want to feel like you just sat in a closed-off aircraft cabin for hours on end. Keep a travel-sized toothbrush and tube of toothpaste with you so you can easily freshen up in the airplane bathroom. Having some facial wipes and travel-sized bottles of lotion and soap can also help you feel brand-new once you step off the plane.