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Yosemite National Park sees a surge in visitors

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Yosemite National Park sees a surge in visitors - Image

As the summer season kicks off, more people are getting ready for vacation in an effort to enjoy all of the warm weather and beautiful nature that comes along with it. 

The Vancouver Sun reports that travellers are already on their way to Yosemite National Park in California, as now is the prime time to really enjoy the breathtaking scenery the spot has to offer. 

According to the source, no matter how much money people have to go travelling, it appears as though Yosemite meets everyone's price point. 

"Yosemite is like comfort food," Dan Jensen, who works in the travelling industry for the area, told the news provider. "For everybody who downsizes and doesn’t come, there’s someone at the higher end who says, 'You know, Yosemite is a great sentimental journey.' There's a reassurance, and sense of ownership." 

However, with more than 1,200 square-miles of space, people should not have to worry about being too close for comfort with other campers, as there are plenty of places within the area to seek solitude while exploring.