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Who said that British Columbia doesn't have adventure travel?

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Who said that British Columbia doesn't have adventure travel? - Image

Those who are looking for adventure travel may not realize that they may be able to find it right in British Columbia, which offers a number of outdoor activities that are sure to get pulses racing.

The National Post reports that there are a number of different adventurous experiences that travellers should be sure to take part in during their stay. For example, kayaking in the Broken Group Islands, is a great way to spend a vacation, as there are excursions available for all skill levels.

There are also a number of mountain biking trails that are great for those who like to keep their adrenaline rushing. While some people may want to consider looking up a group tour in order to have a sense of structure, there are also trails that are available for people to try on their own.

Finally, those travelling in the winter months should be sure to head to the Coast Mountain Range and try their hands at skiing or snowboarding.