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What's so good about a Las Vegas cabana?

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What's so good about a Las Vegas cabana? - Image

If you've ever gone on a tropical vacation, or maybe even stayed at a hotel with a luxurious pool, chances are pretty good that you've seen individuals lounging in cabanas. These relaxed pool- or beach-goers are protected from the harmful rays of the sun and are treated to comfortable chairs or chaise lounges.

Doesn't that sound like something you want in on? Cabanas aren't for everyone - some travellers like to be sun worshippers when they're hanging out on the beach or by the pool, while others are well aware of the extra prices that come alongside renting one of these contraptions.

So, when does it pay off to sign up for a cabana when you're in Las Vegas, a city known for poolside concerts and relaxing days spent at the oasis of any number of resorts?

If you can afford it
As Vegas Chatter reported, the average price of renting out a cabana varies from hotel to hotel. Some of the swankier places on the strip rent out these poolside getaways for much more than some of the other facilities a little farther out.

For instance, a cabana at the Aria will cost those looking to relax during the week somewhere between $350 and $600 US, depending on the size and included goodies. That same hotel will ask between $400 and $900 US during the weekend.

That being said, according to the source, the Vdara charges around $150 US mid-week and $250 US on weekends. So, if you have your heart set on a cabana, you might want to price out your decision ahead of time.

If you value your privacy
Going to Las Vegas might not be the ultimate getaway for someone who wants to be left alone. That being said, if you've had enough of huge crowds at some of the strip's hottest shows and don't want to deal with the throngs of people who populate casinos, renting a cabana might be a good idea.

There are some cabanas that allow loungers to hang out in their own area, separate even from those who are at the often busy pool. For instance, according to USA Today, The Wynn offers 14-square-metre cabanas for six people that surround their own patio areas.

If you want to take advantage of the amenities

Many times, hanging out in a cabana means much more than being treated to some shade and a comfy cushion. Aside from the prestige that comes with this status symbol, there are usually plenty of extras, especially at some of the bigger resorts.

Consider those who rent a cabana at the Bellagio. Vegas Chatter reported that those vacationers have access to HD TV sets, fresh fruit plates, amenity baskets and personal hosts, among other perks. And then there are those travellers who favour the Hideout Super Premium cabanas at the Golden Nugget. They're treated to things like Evian mist, a private bar and $100 US in food and drink credit.

If you want all eyes on you
While there are certainly private cabanas in which reclusive travellers can be left alone, at other resorts, the cabana area is front and centre and those in them are seen as the elite. Plus, the fact that many hotels supply renters with their own personal hosts to get food and drinks doesn't hurt.

For instance, USA Today pointed out that those who hang out in cabanas at Caesar's Palace are going to be on one that either lines the main, multilevel pool or is situated around the deck of the Bacchus pool.