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What you need before you head camping

Topic Travel Tips and Tricks

What you need before you head camping - Image

People who enjoy the great outdoors love to go camping so they can be one with nature. However, it's important to make sure that an outdoorsman is prepared for everything that the climate has to offer, as some may forget that there are typically not electric outlets or other comforts from home available in the wilderness. 

The Globe and Mail reports that people should bring a coffee press to go camping and use coarse-ground coffee. This will be a great way for someone to get their daily morning jolt without having to worry about heading into town in order to get a fresh cup. 

Also, the news provider reports that people may not think about a beach mat, but it can be a great addition to the tent. This will allow people to take their shoes off before getting into the tent, therefore leaving the dirt and grit outside where it belongs. 

My Travel Guideposts reports that people should also bring a global positioning system (GPS) in order to figure out where they are. Some people's phones may have this tool but may not have a signal, which is why it may be better to bring one for the car.