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Watch the action of the Kentucky Derby

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Watch the action of the Kentucky Derby - Image

If you're looking for a bit of Southern charm during your vacation you may want to consider heading to the Kentucky Derby this weekend, as it's sure to bring in crowds from all over.

In addition to the derby, Louisville, Kentucky, also has a lot to offer to tourists who are not interested in the horse races.

However, it's the horses we care about, and the time-honored tradition has everyone wearing their Sunday best (think large hats, suits and frilly dresses). Those who are of drinking age should also be sure to enjoy a mint julep while they watch the event.

Created in 1875, the Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular events in America. For people who are feeling like high rollers, "Millionaire's Row" is a collection of box seats that are typically reserved for big wigs who wish to drop a lot of money.

Still, people who are looking to simply be a part of the party can get in general admission and surely have a good time.