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Visit the Land of 365 Beaches

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Antigua and Barbuda, translated from the Spanish words for "antique" and "bearded," are two large islands that are located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. These popular vacation destinations are the main features of the Leeward Islands chain which was once a part of the British Empire. Those who wish to travel and see this gorgeous part of the world may want to purchase travel cancellation insurance in case of a change in plans. 

One of the best reasons to visit Antigua and Barbuda is for the snorkeling. The area is surrounded by a vast ocean reef that incorporates several different types of formations unique to the area. A daily excursion to a remote island in this beautiful archipelago may include wonderful lunches on one of the immaculate white sand beaches as well as a swim in the aquamarine sea. Since the reef is so varied it provides habitat for a wide range of different fish for travellers to interact with. 

No visit to this region would be complete without an excursion to Nelson's Dockyard. As one of the premier attractions, this location features the harbour once used by the British Navy in many of their former conquests. A tour to this historic locale is just the beginning of the fun awaiting visitors to these incredible Caribbean islands.