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Visit Italy's World Heritage Sites

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Visit Italy's World Heritage Sites - Image

Travellers who are planning a summer vacation to Italy will be able to see some of the most iconic structures and landmarks in the world. Tourists can even visit the country's several stunning World Heritage Sites, such as the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica.

Located in the Lombardy plain, it has one of the largest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs in the world. Travellers that explore the marvelous destination will have the opportunity to admire more than 140,000 beautiful symbols that are carved into ancient rock.

Another fabulous place vacationers may want to check out is the Piazza del Duomo, which can be found in Pisa, Tuscany. The stunning monument, (better known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa) was used as a bell tower for the city's cathedral. Vacationers who visit this landmark will want to bring a camera as the location provides an amazing opportunity to snap a few photos that will last a lifetime.

After experiencing the Leaning Tower, travellers can check out the other Heritage Sites in the area, such as the Duomo (a magnificent cathedral), the Baptistery and the Camposanto.