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Visit Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History

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Visit Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History - Image

Vacationers who are heading to Chicago, Illinois, for their next United States travel excursion may want to stop by the city's famous Field Museum of Natural History.

The building is located near Lake Michigan and is part of the Museum's Campus Chicago district. Guests will get to enjoy several artifacts and fossils but one of the property's highlights is Sue - currently the largest Tyrannosaurus to be discovered.

The museum also offers several educational exhibits, such as "Whales: Giants of the Deep." Children and adults will have a wonderful time as they learn everything there is to know about these giant underwater mammals. Some topics include the epic battle between the sperm whale and the giant squid, how whales scavenge for food and talk to each other.

There are also interactive activities, including a replica of a whale heart, which allows guests to actually get inside and get an up close look of the massive organ.

The Field Museum is open seven days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM.