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Visit Bermuda, the oldest British colony in the New World

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Visit Bermuda, the oldest British colony in the New World - Image

Located off the coast of North Carolina, in the U.S., Bermuda is an excellent fall or winter destination for those who live on the East coast of the continent and wish to cut down on the amount of time they spend travelling. The island is temperate year round and never experiences weather above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or below 60. For those who wish to travel to this convenient vacation spot, purchasing trip cancellation insurance can provide a cushion in case plans need to change. 

With its many beaches and relaxing resorts the island of Bermuda, can provide a feeling of comfort and repose far from home. For those who are interested in the area's history, a trip to the Maritime Museum can give a day's entertainment as well as a decent lesson in the island's past. 

Some interesting past exhibits featured at the museum include a showcase of original and photographic reproductions of the HMS Challenger voyage, the first scientific expedition to include an onboard photographer. The museum seeks to explore the 500 years of Bermuda's interesting past and is a landmark providing insight to this area's rich history.