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Valparaiso, Chile, The Jewel of the Pacific

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Valparaiso, Chile, The Jewel of the Pacific - Image

Valparaiso, Chile, is an amazing destination for those who wish to experience an area of South America that features great weather and better food all year round. As a coastal city there is plenty of beach to enjoy, and as a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, the architecture and history of Valparaiso is enough to whet the curiosity of any world traveller. Purchasing international travel insurance will help those coming thousands of miles to remain at ease. 

Chile is a popular wine destination, and the region of Maipa, where Valparaiso is located, is considered one of the best producers of certain varieties in the world. Wine Spectator has said in regards to the Maipo region's Cabernet Sauvignon, "No place else compares." 

Seafood is another great reason to visit Valparaiso, as the city is widely known as one of the premiere destinations for people who enjoy eating fresh fish. The national dish on this side of South America is ceviche, a raw fish technique which combines citrus and vegetables. An ancient procedure employed for many thousands of years, the early inhabitants of the country used this method to preserve their catches. Valparaiso maintains many similar traditions in all facets of its culture which makes the region such a treasure to visit.