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Trekkies may want to head to Jordan for new theme park

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Trekkies may want to head to Jordan for new theme park - Image

Star Trek has brought about a number of die-hard fans, otherwise known as "trekkies." Now, those who love the show (and the subsequent movie) will have a chance to really experience Star Trek to the fullest thanks to a new theme park. 

The National reports that an entertainment company known as Rubicon Group Holding has partnered up with CBS and Paramount to create a $1 billion Star Trek theme park resort in Jordan. The theme park will also offer a space-flight adventure and a lot of surroundings that give people the impression that they are in the 23rd century. 

The news provider said that company executives hope that more than 350 million people who live in surrounding areas will visit the attraction, as well as travellers from all over the world. 

"At its core, Star Trek is about bringing worlds together and about a profound hope for the future," Liz Kalodner, executive vice president and general manager of CBS Consumer Products, told Attractions Management. "We are proud to bring such a unique, interactive Star Trek property to this part of the world to be a part of Jordan's future."