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Travelling with infants: How to make the whole family happy

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Travelling with infants: How to make the whole family happy - Image

The luxurious honeymoon travel is over, solo getaways are no longer the norm and the early days of marriage have long passed. Now, when you gear up for holidays, your adorable little infant is close by your side. While your baby may be too young to enjoy many of the excursions and attractions you plan on experiencing when you arrive at your destination, you still have to keep in mind that for you - and others - to enjoy your trip, your baby must be blissfully happy. It doesn’t take much, but there are still a few aspects to keep in mind. Finding the right hotel that accommodates your little one is key. Here are some tips on finding the right spot for your family to stay:

Snacks on demand
When you’re looking for hotels, one prime essential is finding one with in-room amenities like fridges, microwaves and even a full kitchen. While you might be able to snack on an array of munchies, meals and decadent desserts, a baby’s diet is significantly more restricted, which means you may have to pack some food from home. With all of your kitchen needs handy, you’ll be able to zap some baby food in the microwave and sterilize your baby bottles before heading out for the day’s adventures.

If you’re in France: One of the most baby-friendly hotels in Paris just happens to be one of the most luxurious as well. The Mandarin Oriental keeps your little ones in mind with every minute detail, such as complimentary strollers, high chairs, bottle heaters, playmats and sterilizers for anyone who needs them.

Family-friendly entertainment

It’s probably obvious that choosing a getaway to somewhere like Cancun or Panama might not be the wisest option for young families. While spring breakers will get all they need out of an exotic vacation to one of these locales, families might be looking for something a bit quieter, where the sun going down signals the end of the day and relaxing activities occupy the rest of the evening.

If you’re in the States: Virginia’s mild climate and historic charm makes it an ideal destination for families who want a wholesome holiday together. The Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia, is one of Conde Nast traveller expert Wendy Perrin’s favourites, as it’s got outdoor activities galore: kayaking, swimming, biking, s’more-making and a children’s program if you need it.

Kids at the forefront
Some hotels accommodate children well, but others practically beg for kids to enter their doors. Parents obsessed with learning new cultures on holidays typically are choosing from a selection of chic city hotels that might not appear so child-friendly from the outside, but with a little deeper digging, they’ll realize that many of these establishments even centre some of their decor around children’s themes.

If you’re in Brussels: Located on a quiet side street, the Hotel Amigo is a spectacular option for families toting little ones. Not only do they have a variety of toys, bibs, baby bath sets and other mommy-focused amenities to offer, but they even create rooms decked out in memorabilia from films like "The Adventures of Tintin" to celebrate their release.

Health matters
When you’re travelling with your family, it’s important to remember that everyone’s health should be in tip-top shape to help guarantee a great vacation. When you have an infant, you may even want to consider purchasing medical travel insurance, especially if you’re taking flights to a particularly far destination. If your child has any health conditions, also make sure to bring all medicine and prescriptions and even backup doses just in case something is misplaced along the way.