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Travelling with infants doesn't have to be a royal pain

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Travelling with infants doesn't have to be a royal pain - Image

The birth of the royal baby has many jet-setters considering future Europe travel trips to London, where they can check out the young prince’s palaces and future kingdom. Other would-be travellers may instead be considering the adventures they can have with their own little bundles of joy. These experiences can certainly still be found - in fact, when kids are in the infant stage, it’s one of the best and most convenient times to travel.

Below are a few of the top travel tips you can take advantage of when getting ready to jet off with an infant.

Go early
For many, the first few months after a baby has been born are the easiest time to travel. The infant will certainly require a lot of your attention, but the little traveller is also likely to sleep for much of the time, leaving you with plenty of room to indulge in your favourite activities. It’s also relatively simple to entertain tykes at this stage, which should leave you with one less worry as you’re organizing a trip. All you’ll need to keep your infant happy is a stroller comfortable enough for the baby and mobile enough for your plans.

Navigating the skies
Flying can be a hassle for even the expert travellers among us. However, there are ways to make travelling the skies with a baby go smoothly. For one, search for an airline that offers things like early boarding for families or special accommodations for children. You may have to pay a bit more for your ticket, but once you get to your seats and experience the treatment, you’ll realize that the cost was worth it.

You should also be aware of the security rules relating to infants. For example, you won’t have to worry about being asked to separate from your child or having to part with certain necessary gear. Special blankets and strollers will have to go through the X-ray screening, but this is a brief process and shouldn’t cause too much distress. Most of the liquids you may have with you, such as baby formula, are exempt from the standard limitations, which make it easy to pack a carry on with all of the necessary liquids for your flight.

You can over pack
Most of the time travellers are warned against over packing, but when you are setting out with an infant, there are some products you’ll want to keep well stocked. Diapers are a must have, especially if you’re planning Caribbean travel or South American travel that could bring you to destinations where your chosen brand won’t be available. Because you likely won’t be able to do laundry, making sure you have enough clean clothes for an infant is also a must, as you never know when an expected mess could cause a wardrobe change.

When packing all of the diapers, clothes, bottles and other baby gear, do your best to spread them out among your luggage. That way, in the event one of your bags becomes lost or delayed, you still have plenty of necessities to get through the trip - allowing you to sit back and let travel insurance cover the problem without a second thought.

Take your time
If there is one thing to keep in mind during your family travel trips with little ones, it’s that you can’t rush anything. Babies will have their own schedule, and although you may be used to fitting as much into your trip as possible, you have to find the right balance. Leaving free time for naps or retiring early in the night is a small price to pay to relax in a new location.