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Travelling to a far off land? Twitter can offer tips

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Travelling to a far off land? Twitter can offer tips - Image

While many vacationers who are participating in Europe travel may rely on guidebooks in order to navigate through some of the world's most famed cities, more tech-savvy travellers may be able to use a certain social networking site for getting around.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that some travellers are choosing to use Twitter in order to determine where they should be visiting while touring London. Lucy Hyslop tells the news provider that she simply targeted specific London sites to ask where they would recommend she visit in order to get the full experience.

The Citizen reports that using hashtags can also reach other people who may have an idea of good places to visit while travelling.

National Geographic backs up this sentiment, taking it one step further by tweeting to hotels in the area to see if there are any deals going on. Additionally, there are many travel experts who have their own Twitter accounts, and asking them questions through the social networking site could serve as a modern day guidebook.