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Travelling in Paris becomes more eco-chic

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Travelling in Paris becomes more eco-chic - Image

As the temperatures start to rise, those who are partaking in Europe travel may get the urge to do more outdoor activities.

More cities such as Paris are looking to promote eco-friendly activities that travellers can marvel at during their vacations. According to The New York Times, Nature Capitale is an ecological celebration that serves as an outdoor installation.

The event is scheduled this year to take place in Lyon, France, and is sponsored by the United Nations. Last year the Champs-Elysees was closed down for two days and covered over with grass for spectators.

The news provider reports that this is just another example of how France is starting to jump on board the eco tourism train.

While there are festivals such as Nature Capitale, vacationers can also take eco-friendly initiatives of their own.

Travellers that are looking to ditch their rental cars may also find that they can see some of their top destinations via rental bikes while in the City of Light. Not only could this allow tourists to venture to places they may not be able to find otherwise, but it will also keep their energy levels high.