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Travellers will find argri-tourism gems in Vernon

Topic Canadian Travel

Travellers will find argri-tourism gems in Vernon - Image

Some tourists may want to get more from their vacations, which is why they choose to partake in outdoor activities and other eco-friendly activities that are not only good for the body, but also beneficial to the environment.

Travellers exploring British Columbia may find that Vernon is a great place to go for agri-tourism, as the town thrives on it, according to the Vancouver Sun. The region is definitely a draw for those who love being outside, as the surrounding area is comprised of a number of biking and hiking trails.

Also, people who are looking to sample some wine and other local delicacies will find that there are plenty of options. The news provider reports that places such as Planet Bee look to cater to wine lovers with honey wine.

Not only is this a great idea for family travel, but it also promotes local farms as they try to sell their products such as wine and cider.

Vernon is the largest city in the North Okanagan region and keeps regularly comfortable temperatures that are perfect for touring the outdoors.