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Travellers now have the opportunity to try a taco in Paris

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Travellers now have the opportunity to try a taco in Paris - Image

Although the French are known for their cuisine, travellers may find that they're limited to cafes and classic French restaurants. While this kind of food can certainly cleanse the palate, some people may also be in the mood for a different kind of fare. 

Enter Candelaria, which claims to be the first taqueria in Paris, according to The New York Times. Although it resembles a tiny French café, Candelaria serves such famous Mexican dishes as tacos and tostadas. The restaurant's owners noted that there was a shortage of Mexican restaurants in Paris, which is why they wanted to offer something new. 

While this kind of cuisine may be a treat for local Parisians, travellers are also enjoying the offerings because the menu reminds them of home. 

"It's the best Mexican I've found in Paris," Amanda Dennis, who hails from California, told the news provider. "But it's still not Mission tacos." 

In an interview with French Vogue, the owners suggest that the best time for visitors to come is a Sunday night because it has a different feeling at the end of the weekend, which is something travellers may want to pencil into their schedules while visiting the city of light.