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Top gadgets for the traveller on the go

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Top gadgets for the traveller on the go - Image

With the hectic pace of modern life, travellers can't afford to be disconnected from the world for a moment. Thankfully, a slew of travel gadgets have made it easy to stay ahead of the workload without being bogged down.

For the business traveller who's tired of the immense shoulder pain of carrying that heavy laptop around a tablet computer is the ideal travel companion. Though the iPad is currently the unquestioned industry leader for the tablet segment, Travel + Leisure magazine highlights the Motorola Xoom as a welcome alternative thanks to its blazing fast speed, glitch-free video conferencing and flash compatibility.

In other travel gadget news, the source claims that the new Olympis Pen E-PLS may be the ultimate small digital camera for avid bloggers, who document their every step. The camera offers a versatile, professional-grade lens, 720p HD video capabilities and even a detachable Penpal device that allows users to wirelessly send photos from their smartphones.

Speaking of which, Travel + Leisure highlights the Motorola Atrix 4G as the premiere smartphone for avid travellers. The handheld features a computer-caliber dual-core processor and 4G internet access that is quicker than its competitors. It also is compatible with the company's special HD monitor and Bluetooth keyboard, meaning it can function as a standard laptop as well as a phone.