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Tips on dealing with hotel conflicts

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One of the most expensive parts of any vacation is lodging. Whether travellers are staying in a chain hotel or in the Ritz-Carlton, they should make sure that their time there is to their satisfaction. If not, they have the right to complain and maybe even a discount, according to Fodor's.

Anytime a customer wants to place a complaint with a hotel they should make sure to get the names and job titles of everyone they speak with. If possible (and necessary), guests should take pictures of their problem. The more evidence they have the better, as they will most likely have to present their issue to a corporate relations panel, according to Fodor's.

One common problem that occurs in many hotels is when the property overbooks and a traveller's room is given away to someone else. Usually guests will be put in a sister facility, but visitors should take this opportunity to demand an upgraded room for free. If the new room is the same as the one originally booked or a downgrade, vacationers should ask for a partial refund, the news source reported.

Customers who feel that their problems were not solved to their liking may want to keep their receipts, as some credit card companies will get involved and not charge guests until their matter is resolved.