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The Queen, Obama are a driving force for Irish tourism

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The Queen, Obama are a driving force for Irish tourism - Image

Many people may suddenly have the urge to travel to Ireland, and that could be because of the recent slew of high-profile guests that have been visiting the Emerald Isle. 

The Vancouver Sun reports that both the Queen of England and President Barack Obama's recent visits have increased tourism in Ireland, with people in the hospitality industry noting the influx in visitors. 

"It's still all happening. We're still buzzing," Marian Healy, a resident of Moneygall, where President Obama paid a visit to the country of his heritage, told the news provider. "There was a busload of Japanese tourists this morning and there were Americans here earlier too, looking for Henry to have his photograph taken with them." 

Business and Leadership reports that the visits by the U.S. president and the English Queen were worth €298 million toward Irish tourism. 

"This data confirms what we already suspected - these visits have provided a unique and valuable platform for Ireland as a welcoming place to visit," Shaun Quinn, CEO of Fáilte Ireland, told the news provider.