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The Mesoamerican pyramids, a truly wondrous vacation experience

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The Mesoamerican pyramids, a truly wondrous vacation experience - Image

The great pyramid of Cholula, also known as Tlachihualtepetl, is considered the largest pyramid in the world. This phenomenon from ancient times, located in Cholula, Mexico, is best experienced when the tourist season slows down in the early and late fall. Travellers to this region of the world may want to purchase travel protection in case any unforeseen event occurs. 

Excursions to the pyramid can be booked with any travel guide in the city and can take hours or days, depending on the traveller's interest levels. Hikes to the site are also available from outside the area so that vacationers may experience the awe in seeing the pyramid when approached from afar. At first glance, the site of Tlachihualtepetl seems like an ordinary hill topped with a church, but on closer inspection the ruins and steps of the pyramid come into view. 

Travellers to this wondrous archaeological dig are able to fully explore all the aspects of the pyramid. The site has been well excavated over the years. Among the many important archaeological finds is a 165-foot long mural entitled "The Drunkards" that depicts a scene of inebriation. This is just one of the many interesting artifacts from a bygone era to view at this amazing location.