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The Great Ocean Road is a well-known attraction

Topic Australia andNew Zealand Travel

The Great Ocean Road is a well-known attraction - Image

Travellers who head to Australia are typically excited to see the shores of the Indian Ocean with its bright blue waters and sandy beaches. 

The New York Times reports that those who are gearing up for Australian travel should be sure to check out the Great Ocean Road, which offers views of sculpted cliffs and towers with the backdrop of the ocean. 

According to the news provider, the journey can be done as part of a 400-mile loop out of Melbourne, but some may choose to get the coastal experience through the 600-mile path. 

While these tours are typically created as a scenic excursion, the Great Ocean Road is actually a 151-mile stretch between the Australian cities of Torquay and Warrnambool. The road itself was built by soldiers who had returned from World War I and is considered the world's largest war memorial. 

This can be a great trek for those who are huge history buffs and enjoy the beach. Of course, the breathtaking vistas of the sea do not hurt, either.