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The family will have a blast at the new Legoland

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The family will have a blast at the new Legoland - Image

Vacationers who are looking for a great family travel destination in the U.S. may want to visit Florida's new Legoland theme park, which will open this fall, according to U.S.A. Today.

The 150-acre theme park will be the first Legoland on the east coast as well as the largest in the world. It will replace Cypress Gardens, one of Florida's first amusement parks, which closed down in 2009. However, Legoland will keep a few of the facility's attractions, such as its popular water ski shows and the Flying Island roller coaster, the news source reported.

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will thoroughly enjoy the property as it offers a number of family-friendly rides, including four roller coasters. There are also several attractions located throughout the park, including creations made out of the colored blocks. Families will have the chance to admire cities, animals and a castle built out of Legos. Kids will even have the opportunity to play with the toys and can construct their own designs, reported the news source.

Families who want to visit a Legoland this summer can organize a trip to California, Germany, Denmark or England, as they all have a block-inspired theme park.