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The best places for singles to retire in the US

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Young twenty-somethings aren’t the only ones who might be looking for a little fun when they go away. Just as there are prime cities for young singles to relocate and start their careers, there are also some perfect destinations for senior singles or those who are entering the retirement phase of their lives. According to research from AARP®, 10 particular U.S. cities rank fairly high for senior singles, based on the locale’s friendliness, a large percentage of baby boomer residents and tons of activities to do.

If you’re past the point of planning student travel adventures and are ready to take on a new excursion and potentially find a new place to live, then here are the top spots to look into.

Though it might not be the first to pop into your mind, Pittsburgh, Pa., is a rapidly growing locale that should be on your radar for places to settle later in life. The downtown area takes pride in its sustainable restaurants and businesses, such as The Church Brew Works, and has plenty of recreational activities for seniors to enjoy - from ballet to hiking.

The universities in the area have also helped Pittsburgh stay on the map as a thriving community. These organizations might have a student body with a young age average, but they also boast stellar research, volunteer opportunities and medical facilities that keep Pittsburgh moving forward.

Large enough to be bustling every day but small enough not to make you feel intimidated, Boston is a city rich in history and New England culture. While it has a great number of youthful residents because of its abundance of colleges and universities, its historic charm is fantastically appealing to senior singles looking for a relaxing place to retire. While it might not be sizzling hot all year round, you do have beaches at your disposal, whether you find a place to stay along Cape Cod, in Nantucket or in Martha’s Vineyard.

Whether you’re looking for a busy city or a neighbourhood just far enough from the hustle and bustle, Boston has it all. You’ll even get to hear that wild northeastern accent that actors like Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have made famous.

Cleveland actually has a whole lot more to offer than its signature Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. According to research from the AARP®, the city has a growing number of older singles, which is apparent on the online dating site. Even beyond the metropolis, there are smaller cities that are considered havens for seniors age 65 or older - they also boast massive senior centres and recreation facilities, which might be part of the allure.

Of course, if you do choose to pay this city a visit before settling down, you should learn about the history of music in this area, and catch some live shows, which happen frequently at the numerous downtown bars.

San Francisco
This California city has had a long reputation as a phenomenal dating destination since the 1960s and ‘70s. Across all demographics, this locale is a great place to look for love, whether you’re first stepping out onto the dating scene or simply looking for a companion in your later years. While it’s not perfectly clear why the city has such a romantic allure, some people have their theories. For one, the rolling landscape and landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge are awe-inspiring, and the city’s emphasis on fine cuisine makes it a natural vacation spot for those who love gourmet dining.