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Taking a cruise to parts unknown

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When you decide to sail away on an exciting, exotic vacation, there are a lot of things you need to bring with you. For instance, you should make sure to take any medications you might need - such as those that prevent seasickness - look into cruise travel insurance beforehand, pack a bathing suit to enjoy the pool onboard and bring along the right sorts of clothes and currency, depending on your final destination. But, what if you don't know exactly where you're going?

For the savvy traveller, the unknown might seem like a real nightmare. Plenty of people revel in the planning aspect of the trip - they get to map out the sights they'll see, places they'll eat and things they'll do while on vacation. This way, they can make sure they don't miss anything.

However, surprise trips might soon become all the rage. A German cruise company recently announced that it will start offering cruises on which guests have no idea where they're going.

Embrace the unknown
According to USA Today, Hapag-Lloyd will kick off its series of secret cruises next year, starting with a 10-night vacation that will depart May 14, 2016. Guests will enjoy the comforts of the Europa 2, at least until they reach their destination, though no one knows exactly where they're headed.

As the source explained, it will be an interactive trip - the captain and passengers will be able to collaborate to pick their stops between Istanbul and Piraeus, Greece. The news outlet suggested that Greek islands and various Turkish seaside resort towns will likely be popular destinations, but nothing is for certain until they set out on the high seas.

Get on this now

There are plenty of ways to add a little mystery to your next vacation if you don't want to wait or you simply don't like cruises. For instance, you might let your travel mate pick some of the excursions or dining spots if you don't want to entrust him or her with making all the plans.

Or, you could always see where the road takes you while you tour a certain region. Perhaps you might want to fly to France but make no overnight arrangements until you're there. This way, you could wind up staying in a posh hotel, crashing at a cost-effective hostel or even boarding a train to Spain and seeing what's going on there.

If you like the thought of some structure, The Washington Post reported, travellers can sign up for trips with unknown destinations through Magical Mystery Tours. Vacationers don't know exactly where they're going until they're at their airport of choice, so packing for all elements is a must.

The newspaper noted that adventurous individuals take a questionnaire on the official website, and questions range from how much they want to spend, to the preferred length of the trip, to whether or not they'd be comfortable in a non-English speaking nation. While there is a research fee included in the price of the trip, those ready for a new experience can set their own limits and embark on a visit to somewhere new.

The Post explained that these trips are customized based on the traveller's answers and a lot of different sources, from travel consultants' own experiences to vacation magazines, to pick out an ultimate destination. In the case of Magical Mystery Tours, the clients are alerted about a week ahead about what kind of clothes they should consider packing and are sent an itinerary days before departure.

No matter how you choose to go about it, adding a little mystery in your vacation might be just the ticket to spice up your next trip.