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Take school vacations to the next level with these family activities

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Take school vacations to the next level with these family activities - Image

You probably remember the feeling of having a day off from school - whether it’s a whole week’s worth of vacation or just a long weekend, the emotions it brings to kids is utter joy. To match their excitement, you can try to plan fun activities for the whole family to enjoy together, whether it’s in your own city or a different Canadian province. Whichever holiday is coming up, start planning the ultimate kid-friendly trip and watch your kids’ smiles stretch from ear to ear.

Toronto Zoo
With more than 460 animal species at the Toronto Zoo, it’s no surprise that the wildlife facility is not only the largest in the country but one of the biggest in the whole world. As temperatures begin to climb and we see more signs of spring around the corner, now might be the time to plan a family trip to this oasis of wild creatures. Covering regions across the world, including Australasia, the African savanna, Canada and the Malayan woods, the zoo is jam-packed with animals that your kids might not have ever even dreamed of. Plan to set aside a full day here, as you probably won’t be able to tear your kids away.

Go green
Have you been trying to teach your kids the importance of eco-friendly behaviour in everyday life? You can demonstrate this notion in simple ways, even in your own city. Canada is a major supporter of bike-sharing programs in cities like Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, so why not take a family cruise through downtown on a spring afternoon? Even though you might live only a short car ride away from these prominent metropolises, your kids might not have experienced them fully, and by riding along bike-friendly roads, you can give them an inside look to the lay of the land, as well as show them that you can in fact get around without hopping in a motor vehicle. This type of adventure travel activity is a great way to spend a spring afternoon outdoors and fit in some exercise as well.

Find farmers markets
It’s one thing to tell your kids to eat healthy, but it’s a whole different approach to show them where fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods come from. Farmers markets happen as often as a handful of times a week, and when your kids have the day off from school, you can arrive on a Thursday morning before the crowds and enjoy one-on-one conversations with the growers and artisans present at the marketplace. Before stepping foot under the pavilion, you can make it a fun game for your children and set them on a scavenger hunt, with a list of items like apricots, kale, homemade pickles and farm-fresh eggs grown in the city they reside. Whoever wins can relax when the family returns home, while the rest of the group makes a delicious dinner for the family out of the ingredients from the market.

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