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Study examines the value of long-haul flights

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Study examines the value of long-haul flights - Image

While many people may avoid travelling to far destinations because they believe it will cost them a lot in expenses, they're actually wrong. 

A new survey is suggesting that long-haul flights actually offer the best value for what consumers pay, according to the Vancouver Sun. The study examined cent-per-kilometre findings, and noted that the short-haul flights around Europe, which are less than four hours and never leave the continent, are 140 per cent more expensive than those heading to far off travels. 

Additionally, the study's authors found that Bangkok had the most value when travelling, and apparently was the top destination among two departure points - Frankfurt and London. 

"Holidaymakers have chosen to travel to short-haul destinations for their summer holidays in an attempt to save money in such a tough economic climate," Chris Nixon, managing director of the company that commissioned the poll, told the news provider. 

However, people in the UK could be still concerned about travel cost, as Travel Daily reports that the Air Passenger Duty, the excess tax on flyers, could decrease the amount of air passengers by as many as 3 million people per year.