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Star Wars lovers could be in for a treat with new 3D theme parks

Topic U.S. Travel

Star Wars lovers could be in for a treat with new 3D theme parks - Image

People who have a love of the Star Wars franchise may find that a new attraction is certainly worth visiting. New theme parks in Florida and California feature 3D Star Wars adventures that are sure to impress people who love the franchise. 

The New York Times reports that fans can visit the icy planet Hoth and the jungles of Kashyyyk, which can make them feel as though they are in the actual movies. The theme parks were a concept by multiple entertainment companies, including Lucasfilm, which helped create the Star Wars moves in the first place. 

However, loyalists to the movies may see some differences, as Gary Buchanan, a spokesperson for the theme park locations, said that the parks offer "new worlds, new characters and new destinations, [and] is like a story-telling slot machine." 

The Independent reports that these theme parks feature motion-based simulators in order to really bring the attractions to life to travellers who are looking to be a part of the Star Wars experience.