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Smartphones can be a travellers best friend

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Smartphones can be a travellers best friend - Image

People who like to travel a lot may find that a smartphone is their best friend, as these devices frequently have a lot of applications available that can make touring a bit easier. 

The Toronto Sun reports that even tourists who are by themselves may not be lonely at all, as they're in constant contact with the outside world. According to the source, TripAdvisor recently conducted a survey on more than 1,000 travellers and asked them about their smartphone usage while travelling. 

Approximately 60 percent of users said that they downloaded an app in order to research places to see, restaurants and other attractions. 

"Smartphone adoption around the world is skyrocketing, and is fundamentally changing the way people get travel advice," Mike Putnam, of the travel website TripAdvisor, told the news provider. 

Executive Travel Magazine reports that there are a number of travel apps available for smartphone users, varying from different models such as the Palm Pre, Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry. The range of apps include restaurant guides, airline reports and weather.