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See the Marvelous sites of Kingston Jamaica - Image

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See the Marvelous sites of Kingston Jamaica - Image

Vacationers who are planning a Caribbean travel excursion to Kingston, Jamaica, will have miles of beaches to relax on and several places to visit, such as the Hope Botanical Gardens and Zoo.

Located in the city's Liguanea neighbourhood, travellers who stop by the beautiful 200-acre facility will have the opportunity to view a variety of stunning plants and animals. Some of the most popular exhibits are the orchid house, cactus garden and lily pond.

Children will also have a blast as they can explore the property's zoo and play near a gorgeous lake. In addition, the gardens also offer entertainment, including military band performances and a poetry centre.

For more fun, tourists can head to Gordon Town and visit the Jamagination Gallery. The museum sits on the foothills of the Blue Mountains and displays works by 20 different artists. Guests can book a meeting with Wayne Gallimore, the facility's curator, who will engage travellers in an in-depth discussion about several pieces, such as "An African at Home" by Raz Dizzy, and pieces by Bryan McFarlane and Stafford Schiefer.