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Savannah, Georgia, crown jewel of the South

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Savannah, Georgia, crown jewel of the South - Image

Georgia's fourth largest city is an excellent place to visit in the fall when the heat is dropping slightly and tourist season begins to wither away. This interesting city features many National Historic Landmarks worth exploration. Trips to this part of the U.S. will be best enjoyed with a purchase of Canadian travel insurance, which can help put vacationers at ease when flying far from home. 

Savannah's Historic District is an excellent place to walk and experience an area that was once part of the American Civil War. Some of the original buildings dating back to this armed conflict still remain and are available to explore. Points of interest from this era include the Central of Georgia Railway round house complex and the First Baptist Church, one of the oldest African American Baptist congregations in the country. 

For those interested in unique architecture, a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin may be in store. This estate, which the famed architect began building in 1911, is now a preserved area established by the U.S. National Park Service, and is on the shortlist for World Heritage Status.