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Go to Safari adventure in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs, Florida, offers some of the best beaches in the U.S. but travellers who are looking for adventure travel on their next vacation may want to check out the Lion Country Safari.

There are currently more than 900 animals that call the facility home, including African lions, giraffes, impalas, dromedary camels, ostriches, zebras, white rhinoceroses and much more.

Guests have a few options on how they want to take a tour of the property. One of the most common ways is by a self-guided car tour. Visitors can drive their vehicle through the site's seven sections, including Las Pampas, Ruaha National Park and Gir Forest.

Travellers can also opt for a VIP tour of the safari, which includes admission to the theme park. One of Lion Country's senior employees will drive visitors around the property for about one-and-a-half hours where they will have the opportunity to have an up close look at the animals.

In addition, tourists can enjoy the Lion Country theme park, which offers a number of rides and a feeding park.