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Roatan Island, Honduras, hidden gem of the Caribbean Sea

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Roatan Island, Honduras, hidden gem of the Caribbean Sea - Image

Roatan is known for its gorgeous beaches and friendly atmosphere. The island, located to the north of mainland Honduras, is a remote area with no shopping malls or loud nightclubs. This natural wonder of beauty is surrounded by the greatest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. Those looking to travel to an exclusive destination this winter should be sure to purchase travel insurance for Canadians as a precaution against any unexpected occurrences. 

The average year round temperature in Roatan hovers around 27 degrees Celsius. This spectacular weather gives visitors many opportunities to snorkel or dive around the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which features a wide variety of sealife and more than 50 types of colourful coral. 

For those wishing to engage in social activities after spending time on the white sand, a number of restaurants and beach side bars can provide shade for the enjoyment of local beverages. The West End section of the island is rife with places to shop or stop for a couple of hours. Roatan has a little of everything that visitors are looking for, except the hustle and bustle.