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Relaxation goes high-tech

Topic Honeymoon Travel

Relaxation goes high-tech - Image

People who are looking for a little relaxation typically head on a spa getaway in order to get in touch with themselves and enjoy some luxurious pampering. While these experiences typically include massages and facials, it appears that spas are getting to be a little more technical. 

The Globe and Mail reports that a number of spas are turning high-tech features in order to offer therapies that can make visitors feel good with faster results. Some of these spas are located in Singapore, Brazil and Australia. 

This can be the perfect opportunity for those who are on a honeymoon to really indulge in the kind of relaxation treatment that they may not typically see. The news provider reports that one of the specialties of a high-tech spa in South Africa is a non-surgical anti-aging facial, which can have revelers feeling young again without having to subject themselves to botox. 

It appears as though other aspects of the hospitality sector are getting in on the high-tech trend as Pimlico People reports that some hotels are bolstering their technology offerings with massage beds and iPads to help the guest relax.