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Plan an exotic honeymoon in Fiji

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Plan an exotic honeymoon in Fiji - Image

Couples who were recently married and are looking for honeymoon travel ideas may want to consider the beautiful, tropical island of Fiji, which is located in the South Pacific Ocean. Brides and grooms will have a magnificent time basking on the country's picturesque beaches and dining at wonderful restaurants.

After a long wedding ceremony, newlyweds may just want to relax with their loved one. They can visit Long Beach on Kadavu Island, which offers miles of white sand and crystal clear ocean. Another fabulous destination that vacationers can try out is Matana Beach. Travellers can spend their entire day sunbathing or try their hand at snorkeling and diving.

For a thrilling beach trip, check out Horseshoe Bay on Matagi Island. To get to the breathtaking destination, tourists will have to travel by yacht. Once they reach the sunny spot, newlyweds can explore a non-active volcano before taking a dip in the warm waters.

No honeymoon to Fiji is complete without some fine dining. One of the country's best restaurants is Chefs The Restaurant, which is owned by world-renowned cook, Eugene Gomes. Guests can order a succulent grilled beef tenderloin and exquisite rack of lamb. The eatery also serves a number of breakfast and lunch options as well.