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Patagonia, destination at world's end

Topic South American Travel

Patagonia, destination at world's end - Image

As fall and winter approach, the adventure travel destination known as Patagonia is warming up and becoming more friendly. This amazing area features some of the most stark views on the planet. Mountains simply spring from the ground like spearheads, and bodies of water exist in almost impossible locations. 

Patagonia is a magical destination with plenty of available places to enjoy. The problem is trying to figure out where to go, as this region of South America is quite vast and offers numerous possibilities. Those who wish to see picturesque landscapes where water and rock meet can stay in the region of Lake Pehoe in the Torres del Paine National Park. This region is part of Chile and features beautiful landscapes incorporating mountains, glaciers and many rivers in one area. 

Other areas to consider include the El Calafate glacial region, Bariloche, a destination featuring seven lakes and an island, and Tierra del Fuego (also known as the end of the earth), one of the more remote locations in Patagonia. Any traveller wishing to see wide varieties of terrain will be impressed by any visit to this amazing land.