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New York tourism to benefit from passage of gay marriage legislation

Topic U.S. Travel

New York tourism to benefit from passage of gay marriage legislation - Image

Following last week's landmark decision allowing same-sex couples to marry in the most populous state in the union, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the ruling, and to promote tourism to the city. 

"We'd love to have you come here. Stay in a hotel. Buy flowers, clothes, meals or whatever. It's good for the economy," said Bloomberg, quoted by the New York Daily News. 

In an email to Bloomberg News, Kimberly Spell, a spokeswoman for the city's marketing office, claimed that the 'NYC I Do' campaign "will create millions of dollars in additional economic impact to the city’s $31 billion tourism industry." 

According to a report by New York's Senate Independent Democratic Conference, the state will earn almost $400 million over three years from same-sex weddings and associated tourism, reported USA Today. 

The New York Daily News reports that Governor Cuomo said that the gay marriage bill has "touched people in a way that government seldom does." 

Bloomberg News reported that moments before New York's gay pride parade on Sunday, Governor Cuomo said "New York has sent a message to this nation, loud and clear. It’s time for marriage equality."