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There may soon be a new way to travel to Europe, Asia

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There may soon be a new way to travel to Europe, Asia - Image

Europe and Asia travel is something sought out by jet-setters across the globe. People enjoy travelling to these areas to experience the culture, immerse themselves in history and partake in new kinds of foods, among plenty of other reasons.

Depending on where the people hail from, however, taking a trip like this can be a massive undertaking. Consider this: Because of travel patterns, someone living on the East Coast of the United States would have to travel upward of 20 hours by plane to go to China, and even more if his or her layover is significant. And if someone in South America wants to head to Europe but is afraid of planes, a cruise or freighter to the continent can take more than a week.

In the future, it may be possible for those in the western hemisphere to drive to Europe and Asia. This sounds mighty far-fetched, but a major rail corporation in Russia recently announced that it may have found a solution for those who want to plan the ultimate road trip.

Building a superhighway
According to CNN, Vladimir Yakunin, president of Russian Railways, announced in March that the business has a plan to construct a trans-Siberian highway across Russia, with plans to somehow link the road to Alaska. The specifics have not been made available, though the source suggested that a ferry, tunnel or exceedingly long bridge - 88 kilometres - might be valid options.

The Trans-Eurasian Belt Development project, as it's now known, would obviously be a massive undertaking, as this initiative includes a road across the entire expanse of Russia - 10,000 kilometres in total. Clearly, there's a monetary factor to consider as well. CNN noted that it would likely cost trillions of dollars to put this plan into motion. That being said, Yakunin stated that this road would likely pay for itself in the amount of returns that would go back into the Russian economy.

After travellers drive from Europe or Asia through Russia, over - or under - the Bering Sea and arrive in Alaska, they can easily make their way down to the contiguous United States or on into Canada. This presents a whole new type of road trip. It could also give wary travellers a chance to check out Siberian rest stops and hotels during their journey, as well as traverse relatively easily between continents, which may appeal to those afraid of flying.

Is there a current possibility?
If the superhighway does become a reality, it likely won't be for some time. And then there are diplomatic relations, assigning a new regimen of Border Patrol teams and so on - many logistical details will have to be sussed out. Some adventurers would be very surprised to know that, technically, driving to Russia from Northern Canada is actually a possibility now, if daredevils have the right supplies.

As reported, in the late spring of 2013, Russian explorers took a drive across the North Pole and made their way into Canada. This wasn't without difficulty - they skidded on ice in heavy busses and had to clear ice buildups with pickaxes. Moreover, it took two-and-a-half months, in part because they had to travel at 10 kilometres per hour to stay safe and were weighed down by 3 tonnes of fuel.

The source explained that the team did have many unique experiences. For instance, they saw polar bears, walruses and the aurora borealis.